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Welcome to the Friends of Rabbits and House Rabbit Sanctuary Website!

Friends of Rabbits is an all volunteer, 501c3, nonprofit rabbit rescue group based in the Washington DC / Baltimore greater metropolitan area. We are a small group of working professionals, who in our spare time take in rabbits in need from overwhelmed local shelters and foster them in our own homes. Our rabbits available for adoption have been examined by a veterinarian and are either spayed or neutered. They live indoors, where they are provided a safe environment, healthy food, toys, socialization and an opportunity to play and exercise.

When you adopt from us you truly save a life, enabling our foster volunteers to pull another rabbit in need from local animal control facilities. Our rabbits come from the top of the euthanasia list, often within hours of being put to sleep for lack of space, temperament, and physical imperfections. We do not discriminate about the shelter rabbits we take in.

Our organization is made up of volunteers who simply care about saving bunnies and sometimes other critters that need us. Thank you for helping in our mission to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable companion rabbits.

Please note that we are a small organization and have a very limited number of foster homes. Therefore, unless the rabbit was originally adopted from us, we cannot take in any pet rabbits surrendered by individuals or families at this time. We are sorry that we cannot do this but we are concentrating on taking in rabbits from crowded local shelters that need our assistance. Please click on the “Adopt a Rabbit” link above to see the rabbits that we have available.


2008 Friends of Rabbits & House Rabbit Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1112 | Alexandria, VA 22313 | Phone: 703-627-7892 | E-mail: info@friendsofrabbits.org